What a Radiation Oncologist Wants from Specialty EHRs

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An Austin radiation oncologist discusses the need for better efficiency. His insights can help oncology specialty EHRs stand out from the competition.


Oncology Specialty EHRMeet Dr. Ryan Tierney. I’ve gotten to know him over the last few years.

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He’s a radiation oncologist at Texas Oncology here in Austin. He’s the kind of customer that oncology specialty EHR providers want on their side. He’s a dedicated physician with a passion for technology. He’s no stranger to the limitations of current EHRs and is open to their possibilities.

When it comes to oncology specialty EHRs, what’s most important to Dr. Tierney is workflow management, efficiency and performance.

In our conversation, we talked about performance metrics, interoperability challenges, and where EHRs are heading. His perspective provides valuable marketing insight for cancer specialty EHRs looking to stand out from the competition.


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